1. Public transport in Vilnius,
You can buy ticket from bus/trolley driver, it costs 1 Euro, it must be validated by a validating machine right after boarding .

2. If you are arriving by coach...

Route from International/Domestic Bus Station is shown on the appended map. In order to get to "Pan Tadeusz" (conference venue) or "Zemaites" hotels you can get bus number 2G or trolley number 15 or 16. If you'll decide to take a bus, in order to get to the start bus stop you have to walk on foot through the Bus Station.

Alternatively, you can go on foot. It is only a 20-25 minutes' walk and after a few hours in sitting position it could be a nice change. Please mind that pavements in Vilnius are rather crooked. In order to go on foot, the shortest way is to leave the Bus Station through the boom gate for buses (where your bus will enter).

3. If you are arriving by plane...

Route from the airport is operated with bus 3G. Get off at the third stop (Sparta), then change for 2G (bus), 15 (trolley) or 16 (trolley). Then, get off at the next stop for "Pan Tadesz" or get off at the second stop for "Zemaites". Alternatively from Sparta bus stop you can go on foot - it will take ca. 10 minutes to get to "Pan Tadeusz" and 15 minutes to get to "Zemaites".

4. Taxi in Vilnius

For the cheapest taxi in Vilnius you shall ring

+370 52 111111
+370 52 444444
+370 52 666666

The cost is 0.6 Euro upon boarding plus 0.5 Euro/1 km. The distance from the airport to the House of Polish Culture is ca. 5 km. The distance from the Bus Station to the House of Polish Culture is ca. 1.8 km

On the airport taxis wait on the 2nd floor, there is a lift. A map is under

If you arrive at the Bus Station you will find taxis in front of Vilnius Train Station near the red ellipsoid (start bus stop area) marked on the appended map.

In order to browse for different taxi companies you may visit:

Hailing a cab directly on a street may result in a high service price.

5. Legend to the attached map:

The map