Vilnius Scientific Seminar (WSN)

Scientific research on legal information using computers dates back to the 1960s in Poland. It was then that the term legal information technology began to be used. The work concerned the issues of collecting, systematising, processing and retrieving legal information. In 1974, the implementation of the first legal information system in Poland, which was the Central Automated Register of Normative Acts, began in the Sejm Library. After 1989, due to–on the one hand–political changes and–on the other–the emergence of new information and communication techniques, in particular personal computers, the Internet and mobile telephony, interest and the number of works and projects in the area of ​​legal IT dramatically increased. Today, we are witnessing another "acceleration" of legal information technology, which is largely due to the growing importance of personal data protection issues in the digital environment, the growing importance of the issues of intellectual property protection of digital artifacts, growing digital crime, the rapid development of social networking sites and the emergence of new IT tools based on on artificial intelligence.

The annual WSN seminar organized by Branch of Bialystok University, Faculty of Economics-Informatics includes the following problems:

  • Intellectual property issues in computer science
  • Issues of personal data protection in the digital environment
  • Legal IT in public administration
  • Issues of electronic identification
  • Law and ethics and artificial intelligence
  • Modeling of legal arguments
  • Legal information retrieval systems
  • Automatic settlement systems
  • Law and social media
  • Digital crime
  • Law and cryptocurrencies